Emmerdale’s Katherine Dow Blyton: ‘Harriet thinks her arrest is one big joke. It isn’t’

Rule breaking is par for the course if you live in Emmerdale, but we didn’t expect to see Harriet the vicar – who was once a police officer – getting arrested by DI Bails in the middle of Ruby and Ali’s wedding ceremony. What’s her crime?

“Harriet does what she does for the good of mankind, but ends up sitting in a police interview with her dog collar on,” says Katherine Dow Blyton. She should know that no one – not even one of God’s employees – is above the law…

And burgling DI Bails’ office is a crime, even for a vicar. Why does she do it?
“She wants to help find Rachel for Ruby [Alicya Eyo] and Ali [Kelli Hollis] because she’s doing their wedding blessing and they’re desperate for Rachel to be there. She suspects the police aren’t trying very hard to find Rachel.”

How does she get into his office?
“She goes to a police retirement party and invites Ashley [John Middleton] along as a decoy. She’s using him and he’s more flattered than he should be. At the party, Harriet snogs Bails’ face off and Ashley is in on it. While they’re kissing, Harriet does a bit of pick-pocketing and lifts his keys. She finds Rachel’s police file, but doesn’t realise she has been caught on CCTV.”

And that’s why the police turn up at Ruby and Ali’s wedding…
“Yes. The CCTV footage shows Harriet looking at Rachel’s file. They arrest Harriet and take her to the station. She thinks it’s one big joke and doesn’t believe they will take it seriously, but she could be wrong about that…”

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