Emmerdale’s Kelli Hollis: ‘Ruby takes the blame when Ali steals to fund the IVF’

Emmerdale’s Kelli Hollis explains to Soaplife how Ali – who’s running out of money and hope – turns to thieving to try to make Ruby’s baby dream come true.

How much does having a baby of their own mean to Ruby and Ali?
“After Ruby’s ectopic pregnancy, they are even more determined.”

But broke… And the bank won’t help them…
“They are disappointed. And Ali thinks she has messed up and that makes her feel really bad.”

She doesn’t feel good about Ruby considering a loan shark, either, does she?
“She is angry as it affects the whole family and putting them in debt is not a viable option, especially with no guarantees. Ruby is the sensible one in the relationship, she wouldn’t normally do something like that so it highlights how desperate she is.”

Then they see that Ruby’s ex, Seb, is expecting a baby with his former girlfriend…
“Ali realises it is difficult for Ruby and mentions it, but Ruby gets defensive and takes offence.”

Why does Ali steal the money?
“It’s a spur-of-the moment thing. Ali sees a tin of cash that belongs to William [Seb’s father] and takes it. Given a bit of thought and time she probably wouldn’t have done. I think Ali is worried about what Ruby will do next to have this baby.”

But they give the money back. How?
“Ruby takes the blame and tells Seb she is really sorry. She thinks it will be OK as they are friends from a long time ago. Seb is more disappointed than angry, which is crushing for Ruby, who is a good person and wouldn’t do anything like that.”

What happens when Dan pulls out of donating his sperm?
“It is another blow for Ruby. Ali understands and tries to be supportive, but it’s hard when she can see Ruby is getting knocked from pillar to post. When they return the money all hope is pinned on Dan so his decision is the final crush, really.”

How far will Ali go to get Ruby the baby she wants?
“They both realise now that Ali is as serious and determined as Ruby is and maybe Ruby needed to see that they are on the same page. They have to go back to basics and be sensible about it and realise it won’t happen overnight.”