Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher: ‘Andy and Robert fight at their dad’s graveside!’

Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher tells Soaplife about Andy’s big day, where he’s supposed to be marrying Katie – but Bernice plants herself at the altar!

It takes a brave man to marry a woman who once slept with his brother the night before their first wedding. But Andy Sugden is determined to make Katie Addyman his wife again. Can he? His brother Robert’s scowling in the wings and ex-lover Bernice drunkenly reveals – at the altar – that she still has feelings for Andy.

Does Andy trust Katie now?
“They’ve both made mistakes in the past and they’re both better for it. Of course, Andy isn’t going to forget that Katie slept with his brother – you could never forget something like that. But he has moved on and he does trust Katie and he believes she’ll be true to him. They’re both very excited.”

Andy tries to move on with Robert (Ryan Hawley), too, doesn’t he?
“Yes. Robert turns up at Andy’s stag do, even though Andy banned him. You then see Andy’s softer side and realise these two were once loving brothers who got on and had a real bond and deep love for one another. It’s almost like Andy is reaching out. He wishes they’d get on and Robert does show glimpses of hope.”

But they end up fighting…
“Andy tries to have a moment at Jack’s grave, but Robert arrives and ruins it. Andy is like, ‘Please let me have this moment with my dad before my wedding…’ But Robert says, ‘I’m not letting you have this. I never got to see him as long as you did…’ and, before you know it, it kicks off and they have a fight.”

And then Bernice (Samantha Giles) does something barmy…
“She still has feelings for Andy. I’m sure they all have: Kerry, Amy, Debbie, etc… I’m joking! Bernice has had a few beers and she makes it clear she still has feelings for Andy. It takes him by surprise because he’s stood at the altar with Katie when Bernice does this. But Andy is besotted with Katie and they’re both grabbing this second chance. This is a kind of finale for them.”

Oh? Will there be a happy ending?
“They’ve got every chance. It’s Christmas Day, so it would be nice. The viewers like a few complications along the way. It’s just a question of whether or not it’s the finale for the right or wrong reasons. I have no ambitions for Andy to be happy. It might be a bit boring if he was too content.”

What can we expect from the Christmas Day wedding?
“It felt real when Sammy [Winward, who plays Katie] and I did those scenes. That’s a testament to Sammy’s performance, the production, the writing and the way it was directed. It’s intense and emotional. It didn’t feel like just another soap wedding. It felt as if we were going into this on behalf of all those people who are desperate for Andy and Katie to be happy together.”

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