Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher warns that Andy could take others down with Robert!

Angry Andy Sugden still wants revenge for Katie’s death – but Robert isn’t the only person in danger from him. Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher reveals all to Soaplife!

The doctors are going to bring Robert out of his coma. How does Andy feel?
“Andy wanted Robert [Ryan Hawley] dead. He felt he had a little bit of justice when he got shot, but when he’s told that the doctors are bringing him around, he says that it would do him a world of good if he doesn’t wake up. Diane [Elizabeth Estensen] and Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] are relieved and anxious, though. Everyone is sympathising and worrying and making out that Robert is a hero and Andy doesn’t want to be around to witness it.”

How does this lead to Andy falling out with Pete?
“Pete’s agonising over his split with Debbie [Charley Webb] and confides in Andy, saying that it’s really hard not seeing the kids as he was like a dad to them. Andy takes that personally and reminds Pete [Anthony Quinlan] that he’s their dad, not Pete. He’s just venting his anger and Pete doesn’t deserve it.”

And that anger puts Pete in danger, right?
“Yes. Finn [Joe Gill] has got some motorcross vouchers for Pete’s birthday. Pete invites Andy, but he refuses because he doesn’t think he’s in the right frame of mind to do something like that. But then he has a row with Victoria over Robert and decides he might as well have some fun and agrees to join Pete.”

But what happens is not fun, is it?
“No. There’s a health and safety talk, but Andy’s too pig-headed to take any notice. He just wants to get out there on a bike and release all his anger. As soon as the talk is finished, Andy races off and Pete chases after him.”

“Pete and Andy have an argument. Andy’s racing through the forest and Pete follows him. Suddenly, Andy goes through a no entry sign and crashes. He realises that if Pete follows he’s in danger, so he starts waving his arms and urging Pete to stop.”

And does he?
“I’m not saying. But Andy would be mortified if Pete got hurt. The only person he wants to see suffer is Robert. The problem is, when you’re hell-bent on getting your enemy, there’s a chance that other people will suffer…”

Emmerdale, ITV


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