Emmerdale’s Lesley Dunlop confesses to Soaplife that miserable Brenda finds a new interest to cheer herself up: shoplifting!

In a round-about way, it’s the Church that leads Brenda to stealing, isn’t it?

“Brenda’s persuaded to go to vicar Harriet’s bereavement counselling group. She doesn’t think it will help as the last thing she wants to do is sit in a group and talk about her feelings about Gennie’s death when she can’t really even talk to Bob about them. She goes because she has to do something – and she wants to convince Bob that she does want to be happy again. She decides to go just the once.”

And what happens?

“Brenda does start talking and it seems as if it’s going to be good for her.”

But then she shoplifts…

“She goes into David’s shop and Jude asks her how the group went. Brenda gets in a bit of a state and leaves the shop and finds that she still has a packet of tights in her hand. She goes to take them back, but gets a little buzz from the fact that she has walked out with them. She finds herself walking away feeling euphoric.”

And she goes on a shoplifting spree, doesn’t she?

“Yes, she goes into town and comes back with lots of shopping bags. She gives a handbag to Kerry and makes out it’s a cheap version of an expensive brand. Bob tells her not to give the handbag away. He says she should take it back, but she makes an excuse.”

Does she intend to steal again?

“Yes. The twins’ birthday is coming up and Brenda thinks it’s the ideal opportunity for her to steal something. In her mind it’s a good thing because it’s for the twins.”

OK… Is this problem going to cause problems?

“It is because Brenda’s going to steal a cafe customer’s purse…”