Sally Oliver reveals Nicola and her baby’s lives are in danger when Carl admits he never wants a child…

How does Lexi feel when she finds out there’s a long NHS waiting list for IVF and Carl says private treatment is too expensive?
“They have an argument because he immediately dismisses the idea they’ll find the money. But Carl’s so clever and manipulative. He has Lexi’s heart in his hands. He covers up the real reasons he doesn’t want to consider IVF by saying he feels she should give herself a break as she’s been through so much. Lexi believes him.”

How does Scarlett end up offering Lexi the cash?
“She overhears Lexi telling Nicola they’re going to wait before embarking on IVF because they have no money. Scarlett knows Lexi’s really upset beneath the brave face she’s putting on and she offers to fund the IVF treatment out of her inheritance. Lexi’s bowled over.”

What makes Carl finally admit that he doesn’t want a baby?
“They’re running late for the IVF appointment and Carl confesses he doesn’t want to go because he doesn’t want another child. It’s the first time he’s admitted it and Lexi’s absolutely devastated. Lexi loses it and screams at him to get out of the house.”

Lexi loses it with Nicola too… Is that how Nicola falls down the stairs?
“Nicola says it was obvious Carl didn’t want a baby and it comes out she’s secretly been trying to persuade him to come clean. It’s too much for Lexi and she runs up the stairs. Nicola follows her and tries to grab her but loses her footing and falls.”

Does Lexi push Nicola?
“She sort of shrugs her off but it’s an accident.”

Is Nicola badly hurt?
“She’s lying unconscious at the bottom of the stairs and Lexi’s horrified. She feels physically sick that she’s put the life of Nicola – and that of her unborn baby – at risk.”

Does Nicola lose the baby?
“No but there’s a real danger she’ll go into early labour. Lexi’s with Jimmy and Carl at the hospital and it’s clear they think it’s her fault.”

Will Lexi give up her baby obsession now?
“Her desire for a baby won’t go away. She could do anything – she’s very emotional at the moment.”

Emotional enough to do something drastic? Like stealing Nicola’s baby once it’s born?
“Like I say, ‘she could do