Emmerdale’s Chrissie White wants to an answer to the question: who’s her daddy? But will she like it if she finds out it’s not Lawrence?

Louise Marwood talks to Soaplife about these family matters…

Why is Chrissie so desperate to find out who her real dad is?

“Because if it’s not Lawrence, it means he has been lying her whole life. The doubt she has is eating away at her and she wonders if her whole life has been built on lies. She wants a DNA test done because she wants to see it in black and white. She is desperate for the tests to confirm that Lawrence is her blood parent.”

How will she feel if he isn’t?

“She would be devastated and would question everything she has ever known. It would be so hard because there would be no closure with her mother. She is dead, so she can’t speak to her.”

How does Lawrence react when she asks him for a DNA sample?

“Not very well. It is really hard for her to ask, but she just wants to get it done and move on.”

What if plumber Ronnie Hale turns out to be her dad?

“She would have to grieve for her loss of Lawrence first, but she would want a relationship with Ronnie (John McArdle). I would be devastated as John Bowe (who plays Lawrence) and I came into the show together and he is very paternal towards me. Both of us will feel sad if Lawrence isn’t Chrissie’s dad.”

Do you think her relationship with Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) will last?

“It will be interesting to see what happens in a situation where everything wasn’t so heightened and they were just living day to day. Would they have anything in common then?”

How is this going to end?

“Put it this way, there are a few more revelations yet to come.”

Emmerdale, ITV