Emmerdale’s Lucy: ‘Chas knows Cameron is lying…’

Lucy Pargeter reveals to Soaplife how Chas finally sees the guilt written all over Cameron’s face in Emmerdale…  and what she does about it!

Poor Chas! Before she gets suspicious about Cameron she’s still grieving for Gennie, isn’t she?
“Yes, she’s devastated. She also feels guilty because they had a fall-out over Cameron just before Gennie died. Gennie was still trying to convince Chas that Cameron’s a wrong ‘un and Chas was sure he was just suffering from depression.”

So Chas isn’t at all suspicious about Gennie’s death?
“No, because there isn’t anything to be suspicious about really. Gennie was a new driver who had a crash. Chas has no reason to suspect foul play.”

But she does see reason to start suspecting there’s something going on between Cameron and Debbie, doesn’t she?
“She sees Cameron at Debbie’s house, but when she asks about it, he lies and says he was in the cellar at the pub. At Gennie’s funeral, Chas asks him if Cameron loves her, he says ‘yes’, but Chas can tell from the way he looks at Debbie that he’s lying. She says to him: ‘Do you say that to Debbie? Before or after you’ve slept with her?’…”

And does he confess?
“Yes. He says it’s been going on for a few weeks. She’s devastated and tells him, ‘I will deal with you when my sister is in the ground’. She makes a speech about Gennie and it looks as if she’s about to out Debbie and Cameron, but instead she runs out of the church.:

Then Cain finds out…
“He tells Chas it would be better if Cameron wasn’t around and she agrees. Cain bundles Cameron into a car and takes him to a cliff top. Chas is worried for both of them. If Cameron accidentally fell over a cliff she would deal with it, but the implications for Cain are more worrying.”

What’s next for Chas?
“She still has the pub and she’s back with her family – she just happens to have lost Cameron and Debbie. She’s strong. She has had enough chucked at her in the past couple of years. The big thing she has to deal with is the grief for her sister’s death.”

What if Chas found out Cameron had killed Gennie, Carl and Alex?
“It would mean that the last year of her life has been a lie. I don’t know if she would go down the angry or traumatised route. It would be a massive thing for her to find out that she didn’t actually kill Carl.”

Will Chas ever find the right man?
“She knows she should be with a Paddy or a Dan, but they will never light her fire. She likes bad boys!”