Emmerdale’s Mark:

Mark Charnock reveals to Soaplife how Marlon is struggling to save Laurel in Emmerdale – and the love they share…

Marlon fell in love with the gentle soul that is Laurel Thomas and now finds himself waking up next to a woman with a newly discovered dark side. He wants to help her through the agony of her carjacking terror with talking and love, but she would rather face the culprit with a pair of scissors… and it’s not just because she’s feeling snippy. “Marlon’s totally at sea, he doesn’t know what to do about Laurel and doesn’t realise she’s suffering from post traumatic stress,” explains Mark.

What’s Laurel’s torment doing to them as a couple?
“It’s stretching their relationship to the limit, especially when Ashley comes into play and starts giving her good advice. It feels to Marlon as if all the ground that he’s fought to win with Laurel is shifting from under him.”

How worried is he?
“Marlon has been through so many things in his life, but what Laurel’s going through is psychological distress on a level he has never encountered before. He’s desperately worried about her.”

Can he help her?
“He thinks that love, care and tenderness will be enough, but they aren’t. What Laurel really needs is closure and she seems convinced that she must find her attacker to get that.”

And Dan sees how desperate she is and helps her…
“He gives Laurel a list that he has lifted from Cain’s garage – it’s all the people that Cain buys dodgy cars from. Marlon doesn’t know this. Laurel has been reassuring him and telling him that she’s stopped searching, but then he discovers she hasn’t been at work and finds out about the list.”

And he turns to Cain for help…
“They find the flat Laurel has gone to and kick the door in. Marlon’s hysterical. Laurel’s in a flat alone with this man and he could be anyone. He could be a murderer. Marlon has no idea that Laurel’s in there armed with a pair of scissors!”

What happens in the flat?
“That would be telling, but Cain’s great. He’s heroic.”

Could this destroy Marlon and Laurel’s relationship?
“This has shaken the ground under their feet, but I think they’re strong enough. It might even strengthen their relationship. I would like to see them stick together, but you can never second-guess what’s going to happen in Emmerdale.”