Emmerdale’s Michael Parr reveals why Ross goes from zero to hero

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr tries to explain to Soaplife why Moira’s nephew Ross is such a bad boy…

Why does Ross take Laurel to court?
“He does whatever he has to do to get by. He feels a bit guilty but, ultimately, he’s out for himself.”

How does he feel when Moira’s farm is torched by crooks looking for him?
“He’s gutted. The place is a complete mess. This isn’t what Ross wanted.”

How does he feel about Moira?
“He needs a mother figure in his life and she has that hold over him. Moira has been nice to him and there have been a lot of years in his life where nobody has given any thought towards him or cared about him.”

And Cain?
“Ross kind of looks up to Cain, but he also rubs him up the wrong way.”

Then he does something nice and saves Gabby’s life!
“It’s instinctive. There is a car going pretty fast and Gabby runs into its path… Ross sees what’s going to happen and pushes her out of the way, getting hit by the car himself.”

Is he hurt?
“Pretty badly – and he still has a bullet wound, remember…”

Is he going to show a softer side?”
“Ross is bitter and angry about things and it will take him a long time to soften – if he does at all!”


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