Emmerdale’s bad boy Ross Barton can’t resist Debbie – and it looks like she can’t resist him! Michael Parr reveals all to Soaplife.

Convinced that there is something going on between his fiancée Debbie and his brother, Pete sets up Ross for trouble. But his plan backfires – and Debbie ends up in Ross’s arms.

“Ross knows it’s wrong, but he doesn’t care,” says Michael. “He wants Debbie more than anything.”

What happens when Pete frames Ross for theft?

“Ross finds a stolen car at the garage and has to get rid of it before the police arrive. While he’s doing that, Emma’s off telling Pete [Anthony Quinlan] that there’s something going on between Debbie and his Ross.”

What’s it like working with Gillian (Kearney, who plays Emma)?

“Gillian has been a great addition to the show. She’s shaping up to be a real monster, isn’t she?  She’s filling in for the Charity character, as we needed someone to come in and be a female villain.”

What happens when Pete accuses Debbie (Charley Webb) of having feelings for Ross?

“She storms out and ends up in Ross’s arms. They kiss and he thinks that she’s finally going to be his. Afterwards, Debbie says she doesn’t have feelings for him, but he thinks she’s lying to herself.”

What’s been the highlight of your time in the show so far?

“Working with Verity [Rushworth – Donna] was so much fun. She’s just a laugh a minute –  completely nuts in the best way. Someone sent me a clip of the aftermath of Donna’s death. I watched it back and I still get a little bit sad about it.”

Who should Debbie pick?

“The viewers who want her to go for Pete clearly don’t want to be entertained. It’s like in Big Brother. Getting rid of the nasty people kills it. Keep the evil buggers in!”

Emmerdale, ITV.