Emmerdale’s Michelle: ‘Rhona’s become an obsession’

Michelle Hardwick tells Soaplife that Vanessa is being a fool for love in Emmerdale – and is being fooled by scheming druggie Rhona’s kiss. Uh-oh!

What does Vanessa actually hope for with Rhona?
“She wants them to be a couple, to walk into The Woolpack together and for everyone to accept them. I don’t think she’s really seeing beyond that. She’s fooling herself, clutching at straws.”

Paddy has no idea why his marriage is unravelling… Does Vanessa feel guilty about that?
“She doesn’t want to hurt Paddy, but love is blind and Vanessa thinks that if his marriage is going to end, then so be it.”

And it looks like it’s ending quickly after Rhona hits Paddy. Why does she do that?
“Paddy thinks Rhona’s having an affair and is looking through her bag while Rhona is in the pub toilets. When she catches him she goes crazy and lashes out. Vanessa quickly takes Rhona away and calms her down with some more pills.”

Paddy packs his bags and leaves, so Vanessa gets Rhona all to herself…
“And Rhona realises that she needs Vanessa more than ever and lies to her about how she feels.”

And she kisses Vanessa to convince her… Is she convinced?
“Vanessa brushes aside her doubts because she wants to believe it. Rhona has become an obsession and she wants to make her think that she can’t cope without Vanessa in her life.”

That’s dangerous… for both women!
“Vanessa knows Rhona is poisoning herself and is terrified that she might die… But she can’t walk out, she wants to be with Rhona all the time and she wants to make her better.”

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