Emmerdale’s Michelle: ‘Vanessa’s in too deep with Rhona’

Michelle Hardwick reveals to Soaplife that Vanessa has fallen in love with Rhona in Emmerdale – and how these feelings make it even more difficult for her to save Rhona from her drug addiction…

Rhona’s addiction is spiralling out of control. What on earth is Vanessa thinking?
“She’s wishing she had put a stop to Rhona’s addiction weeks ago, but she’s giving Rhona pills to make her like her. There’s no going back as Vanessa is falling hook, line and sinker for Rhona and it’s becoming a much bigger deal than Vanessa thought it was.”

Does Vanessa think Rhona might have feelings for her?
“Rhona has told Vanessa that she needs her and loves her and when you’re falling in love, you grasp at any straw you can.”

But that’s exactly what Vanessa is doing – grasping at straws…
“Yes and she realises that Rhona doesn’t feel the same way when Rhona tells Vanessa she needs a fella. Vanessa’s very disappointed.”

And she’s in too deep now, isn’t she?
“Yes, she is. Rhona’s scaring her. She’s so desperate for drugs she will do anything to get them and now Vanessa thinks that Rhona won’t come out of this without something bad happening…”

Are things about to get a whole lot worse?
“It’s looking that way. All Vanessa can do now is tell Paddy or at least seek professional help from a doctor or a counsellor. Vanessa can’t deal with this on her own. She keeps trying to tell herself that her plan will work, she’ll get Rhona off the drugs, but deep down, she knows she’s lost the battle.”


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