Emmerdale’s Mike Parr: ‘I think Debbie should get off with Ross!’

Emmerdale’s irresistible bad boy Ross does some dirty work for Chrissie and gets Debbie involved, Michael Parr reveals to Soaplife…

So, what’s Ross up to?
“Chrissie’s ex Donny has got this bloke Charlie on his back. Chrissie [Louise Marwood] gives Donny [Alan Convy] £10,000 and Donny goes to a hotel to give the money to Charlie – but Ross intercepts him and takes the cash, pretending to be a henchman.”

How does Debbie (Charley Webb) get roped in?
“Ross tells her they’re going out on a breakdown. She’s angry when she realises Ross has put her in a lot of danger.”

And they end up hidden in a room with some heavies after them… What happens?
“It’s very charged between them. They have a bit of a heart to heart and Ross tells Debbie about Donna. But they don’t cross a line. However, if that was my girlfriend in there with Ross, I would be furious.”

Does Ross want Debbie for himself?
“Yes. Ross is attracted to excitement and she’s exciting. She’s not offering it to him on a plate, either, he’s got to work his backside off. Ross knows she’s with Pete [Anthony Quinlan] and that it’s wrong, but he doesn’t really care. He just wants the girl.”

Bet he’s not happy when Pete and Debbie get engaged, then!
“Ross has it in his head that Debbie wants him. He thinks she’s just afraid because of past experiences.”

Are we in for a love triangle?
“I don’t know, but I think Debbie should get off with Ross!”

Emmerdale, ITV


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