Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson: ‘Alicia’s on the verge of calling it off!’

Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson warns Soaplife that Alicia’s dream of a magical Christmas wedding becomes a comedy of errors, including burnt hair courtesy of Val!

Tell us about Alicia’s wedding plans…
“It is going to be in the church, which has been decorated by Jacob and David. Harriet is doing the service and Jacob will be giving Alicia away. It’s a very small ceremony – just them, Val and Pollard and a couple of surprise guests. The church looks really magical.”

Does Alicia know that Priya has begged David to call off the wedding?
“Not at first… But she sees an exchange between Val and Priya. Val tells Alicia what happened and explains that David told Priya where to go. It does unsettle Alicia and, after that, she’s on the verge of cancelling the wedding.”

“She’s worried about what Priya might do. Priya has every reason to want to ruin the wedding. It won’t be about getting one over Alicia, it will be about spoiling it for David.”

And things do go wrong…
“The boiler packs in, Val burns Alicia’s hair with the straighteners and then David’s violently sick. And then something goes wrong with the dress. It’s a catalogue of disasters!”

What if the wedding doesn’t happen?
“Alicia will be devastated. I don’t think it would be a question of whether or not David loves her, it would be the disappointment of the day. She’d be wondering if they’ll ever succeed at being happy.”

Is Alicia worried about Priya having David’s baby?
“She’s genuinely excited for David, but deep down, Alicia wishes that she could give David a baby. And Priya is unpredictable. You don’t quite know where you are with her. I don’t think Alicia has thought too much about how she’s going to have to share her future with Priya and the baby.”

What will 2014 be like for Alicia?
“Very exciting. For Alicia, there will be new sides of her character to explore and new challenges. But I think Alicia and David have a good chance…”


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