Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson: ‘I had 19 drinks thrown over me. I was wet through!’

Emmerdale’s Natalie Anderson reveals to Soaplife how Alicia ends up with thousands of pounds meant for Leyla – and what happens when money-grubbing Leyla finds out!

It’s perfect timing. Just as Alicia is feeling mightily hacked off with life, along comes a mystery benefactor who has left her £70,000 in his will. David feels as if they have won the Lottery, but then they discover they’re not rich – the money is meant for Leyla. “Alicia senses something is wrong from the start, but David is like a little bird in her ear saying, ‘Come on, you deserve it!’” reveals Natalie.

“Alicia would really love to spend it on Jacob and the new baby – she knows Leyla will spend it all on shoes if she gets her hands on it,” adds Natalie . So will Alicia pocket the money?

How does this £70,000 come to Alicia?
“A solicitor turns up and Alicia is stressed because she thinks she has done something wrong. He tells her that she has been left this sum of money by a man she has never heard of and hands it to her in a hold-all. David is thrilled, but Alicia knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. However, David is very persuasive.”

When does Alicia realise it is Leyla’s money?
“They’re having dinner when Leyla mentions an ex – it’s the person who left the money to Alicia. David nearly chokes on an onion bhaji as he realises what’s happened.”

Is Leyla suspicious?
“Yes, she thinks that the pair of them have worked an insurance scam and that makes Alicia feel really uncomfortable. Her gut instinct is to confess as she is a really moral person.”

But Leyla finds out from someone else, doesn’t she?
“A woman called Tina comes into the Woolpack and asks for Alicia. When she says, ‘That’s me’, the woman pours two drinks over her. She accuses Alicia of doing her out of her inheritance and having it away with her husband. Leyla overhears this and realises the money was meant for her – she used Alicia’s name when working in the pole-dancing club. Leyla then throws a drink over Alicia. I had about 19 drinks thrown over me that day and I was wet through!”

What happens next?
“It’s a very funny scene. Leyla’s in David and Alicia’s house with a mask and a blowtorch as she wants to break into the safe. Then Ruby says she saw Jacob running up the road with a carrier bag. They all run out of the house after him and poor Leyla is in her high heels.”

What does Jacob do?
“He throws the money in the river. Leyla pushes David in and Alicia pushes Leyla in. Jacob sees them fighting over a £5 note and is disgusted. Alicia realises then that it isn’t worth it and tells Leyla she can keep the money.”

So Priya is the least of Alicia’s problems for once?
“Well, she’s still struggling a lot with the Priya issue. I think she has been saintly of late. Who wouldn’t crack under that pressure? She’s trying to stand back, but it’s hard because Alicia knows how manipulative Priya can be and she’s sceptical.”



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