Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb: ‘Moira’s disgusted by what Holly’s planning to do’

Drug addict daughter Holly is back in Emmerdale, which means more misery for mum Moira! Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife all about it…

Moira discovers Holly’s life is a mess again, doesn’t she?
“Yes… And it’s Charity [Emma Atkins] who tips her off. Holly has been using drugs again and owes money to her ex, Dean. Charity tells Moira that Holly tried to do a deal with her: Holly would rob The Woolpack, pay Dean what she owed him and give the rest to Charity. Moira’s disgusted. She knows this is the sort of slippery slope that drug addiction can lead to and she’s determined to intervene.”

How does Moira stop the robbery?
“When Holly goes down into the cellar to get the money, Moira’s there waiting for her.”

Is Dean still a problem for Holly?
“Moira explains to Holly that she can’t deal with Dean [Craig Vye] on her own. She’ll need her family’s help. Luckily, Cain’s very supportive when it comes to Holly and he backs Moira up on this.”

How will Holly pay off her debts?
“Moira tells her she’ll have to work in the garage and she isn’t happy about it when Cain [Jeff Hordley] tells her she’ll be washing cars. Moira’s disappointed with Holly, but she wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and she hopes a bit of time at home might balance her out.”

What does Cain think of having Holly back?
“On the one hand, he takes her under his wing a bit because he’s missing Debbie. But he also gets sick of her lies. While she’s working in the garage, he catches her taking money from a customer.”

How does Moira feel knowing Holly took drugs in London?
“It’s disappointing and heartbreaking for Moira, who went through so much when Holly was on drugs. She was scoring for her and she was there when she went cold turkey. That will never leave her. Holly says she wants to be clean, but Moira will never completely trust her as she’s crossed so many lines.”

Is it nice to have Sophie Powles back as Holly?
“It’s been so good. I haven’t seen much of her since she left as she was off travelling all over the world.”

Natalie at the 2016 Royal Television Society Awards, where Emmerdale was named best soap (James Gourley/REX/Shutterstock)