Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb: ‘Moira thinks Cain and Charity are plotting together!’

Moira’s had enough and lashes out at lodger Charity, then fears she’s up to no good with Cain, says Emmerdale‘s Natalie J Robb…

All Moira wants for Christmas is for Charity to get lost. But there’s more chance of a heatwave on Boxing Day. Cain refuses to chuck her out and, the more irritated Moira gets, the more liberties Charity takes. “Charity’s presence is wearing very thin for Moira,” Natalie tells Soaplife.

Why has Moira let Charity live at the farm for so long?
“It’s because Cain [Jeff Hordley] says she has nowhere else to go and he can’t turf her out. Moira’s annoyed that she’s expected to roll over and let things go Charity’s way when it is her house.”

What is it that’s winding Moira up?
“Charity [Emma Atkins] is selfish, rude and takes a lot of liberties. She’s treating the place like it’s her own. She’s working from the house, then Jimmy [Nick Miles] is there as well. Then, when Cain goes on a trip to France, Charity asks if she can throw a works do at the farm and she promises it will be over by 7pm. But when Moira shows up, she finds a load of smoking and drunk truckers in her house and she hits the roof.”

What does she make of Cain’s attitude to Charity?
“Cain does have a right to have family to stay, but Moira isn’t consulted about anything and he doesn’t seem to care that she feels it isn’t her house any more.”

How do Charity and Moira end up fighting?
“Charity spills something over Moira and says it’s an accident. But Moira thinks she did it on purpose and hits back.”

What happens when Cain returns from France?
“It’s all very odd. He’s lost his car and comes up with some weird excuse about it being stolen. When Moira suggests making an insurance claim, he gets angry. She notices his moods are getting worse. He’s changing and it’s starting to stress Moira out.”

What does Moira think is going on?
“She thinks Charity and Cain might be plotting together. I don’t think she believes they’re having an affair, but it’s probably at the back of her mind.”

How does Moira react when Cain misses Andy’s wedding?
“Moira’s there with Adam [Adam Thomas] and the boys and Cain doesn’t turn up. She’s furious when she goes home and finds him having a pizza with Charity and Noah. That’s when she starts to get really suspicious.”

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