Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb tells Soaplife that Moira is terrified that James knows Adam’s his son and she’s terrified he’ll ruin her big day

How’s Moira feeling on her wedding day?

“She absolutely adores Cain and there has never been any doubt in her mind that she wants to marry him. But she’s really nervous because James could ruin it.”

Ah, yes. James knows he’s Adam’s father. How did he find out?

“Through a secret DNA test. He steals one of Adam’s socks, although it was a very fresh looking sock, which didn’t look like one of Adam’s! Moira has no idea that he’s doing this and is shocked when he confronts her with the results. She always knew there was a chance, but she doesn’t want to believe it. She’s sad. She’s scared this will blow Adam’s world apart.”

No wonder she doesn’t want James at wedding! Why does she change her mind about that?

“Chas wants him to go with her and Moira knows that if she refuses, everyone will wonder why. He is her brother-in-law after all.”

What happens when James confronts Moira on her wedding day?

“Moira begs James not to ruin her day, pleading with him to keep quiet about Adam, but he threatens to tell people. She wants him to keep it quiet forever, she wants it to go to the grave. Then Moira gets stuck in her bedroom because the door jams. She’s in there, crying, while Cain’s waiting for her in his wedding suit.”

Does Moira make it to the ceremony?

“Yes. Cain goes looking for her, thinking she doesn’t want to marry him. He finds her at home and shouts this big speech through the bedroom door, really pouring his heart out. I think she lets him carry on talking because he doesn’t usually say things like that. Then Moira admits the door’s stuck and Cain kicks it down.”

And do they get married?

“At the moment when the vicar asks if there is any reason why Moira and Cain shouldn’t marry, the Bartons are all having a laugh and making a joke of it. James gives Moira a look and she thinks he is about to blurt out the truth… It’s very tense!”