Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb: ‘Moira wants to marry Cain’

Emmerdale’s Natalie J Robb reveals to Soaplife how Cain plans a New Year’s Eve to remember for Moira, which leads her to hope for a proposal… but it’s not what Cain has in mind!

Why does Moira think Cain’s going to propose?
“He’s taking her away for a night and acting out of character, so she thinks he must be planning more than an evening out. The last time he proposed, Moira didn’t get a chance to answer him and it hasn’t come up again, but she would seriously consider it if he asked her to marry him.”

How special is this special night?
“The B&B has been totally transformed for her and she is taken aback. It’s really pretty and very romantic.”

But Cain doesn’t propose…
“Moira’s gutted and embarrassed to discover that Cain actually wants Moira there to have sex. The farmhouse is a little bit crowded, so Cain suggests they try every room at the B&B.”

But on New Year’s Day Moira ends up in hospital! How?
“She’s back on the farm and falls off a ladder and goes over on her ankle. It’s quite a bad sprain and James takes her to the hospital. However, when she comes out, Cain has come to pick her up. She’s really pleased he has made the effort.”

Does Moira enjoy Cain being jealous of James?
“She’s skimming over it and not making it a big deal. She has no eyes for James.”