Nicola Wheeler tells Soaplife that Nicola’s devastated when Jimmy tells her they’re through in Emmerdale… But are they really finished?

We bet Nicola’s sorry she ever got involved with Steve now…

“She feels ridiculous. With hindsight you don’t get £10k for nothing. Steve knew exactly how to play her.”

It must be a shock when she hears Jimmy has been in a crash?

“Nicola’s distraught. She feels guilty because Jimmy was working extra hours to pay back the money he took from the business to pay off Steve.”

But Charity’s more worried about the business…

“Jimmy was over his legal driving hours, so Charity asks Nicola to say he was at home resting the day before the accident. Nicola goes along with it for Jimmy’s sake – he could go to prison for doctoring the books – and to save the business. But Jimmy refuses to lie.”

With Jimmy laid up, who’s going to do the hauling for the haulage business?

“Nicola! She thinks she’ll help out by manning the phones, but she ends up doing the driving – and she’s never driven anything bigger than a four by four before.”

Then Jimmy tells Nicola she’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to him and goes to live with Rodney…

“Nicola’s hurt. She brings up what happened between him and Kelly. Nicola points out that all she did was kiss Steve once whereas Jimmy slept with Kelly. Jimmy’s angry because Nicola was tempted, but she points out that she stopped things from going any further.”


Eventually Jimmy agrees to come home for Angel’s sake. How does Nicola feel?

“Relieved, but she would rather he was coming back because of her. She’s optimistic. She’ll keep on pecking away at him and is pleased Angel won’t be missing her daddy.”

Can you give us a hint if it’s going to work out?

“There are fireworks ahead… Something big happens that makes Jimmy think: be careful what you wish for because you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone…”