Emmerdale’s Priya pleads: ‘Help me, I’m killing my baby!’’

Emmerdale’s Fiona Wade tells Soaplife about the scary moment that makes Priya realise it’s time to ask for help.

Priya’s frightened because she starts bleeding, right?
“Yes. She’s at work and panics because she hasn’t felt the baby move for a few days. She thinks, ‘Oh! I think something has happened to the baby’. She fears she is losing it. Diane calls an ambulance and at the hospital Priya is relieved to be told that the baby’s heart is still beating.”

How does David react to the scare?
“He asks Priya to move in with him and Alicia. She agrees, but there are implications there that will mess with her head. These problems came from their break-up and Priya still loves David. Suddenly, she’s back in his house with him fussing over her. But at the moment, anybody giving her love and affection is nice.”

Does she want David back?
“I don’t think her mind is clear right now. She isn’t out to do anything manipulative or malicious, though.”

What makes Priya finally get help?
“She overhears David talking about her eating disorder and he’s in bits. She realises he cares for her and the baby and that if she continues the way she is, she could break his heart and hurt him terribly. She’s tired of living in this world of her own where she has to keep secrets. It’s taking its toll on her so she goes to her GP and asks for help.”

And gets it…
“The doctor says he will refer Priya, but she feels she needs to do something right now. So she goes to the hospital where she says to a nurse, ‘Help me, I am killing my baby’. She makes sure that she is seen there and then.”

What happens next?
“Priya checks into a clinic. She tells her parents she doesn’t want them to visit as she needs to do this on her own. They have been quite suffocating and she knows she has to find her own path. She lets David visit and admits that she liked it at his house, probably too much.”

Will Priya recover?
“I hope so. People do recover from this, but I think it will take a lot of time. She’s scared. This is a lifetime of issues she has to deal with and it won’t be easy.”



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