Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley: ‘It’s nice to be good… I don’t have so many people telling me how horrible I am!’

Emmerdale’s Ryan Hawley tells Soaplife how Aaron’s little sister, Liv, could get him in big trouble with the police…

So, Robert and Liv aren’t getting on?
“Their relationship is rocky. They both want to be close to Aaron [Danny Miller] and see the other as getting in the way.”

And she gets hold of some dangerous information…
“She knows he paid Ryan [George Sampson] to lie about being assaulted by Gordon [Gary Mavers] and she urges him to report Robert to the police.”

How does Robert find out that she knows?
“Aaron tells him. It’s a bit of a shock because that information could be dangerous in the wrong hands.”

Liv knows Robert paid Ryan to lie about Gordon… And she wants him to tell the cops everything


But Liv has another reason to dislike Robert… She thinks he’s bullying her online, doesn’t she?
“Yes. He finds it pretty incredible that she would think a 30-year-old man might get his kicks out of trolling a young girl. He hates the idea of other people thinking he might be the perpetrator.”

What happens at Gordon’s funeral?
“Liv [Isobel Steele] really wants to go and asks Aaron to go with her. Robert goes along, too, but Liv can’t handle it and leaves. Robert runs after her and talks about how he felt unable to go to his father’s funeral seven years ago. He explains that he was so overwhelmed by his death, he couldn’t face seeing everyone. They realise they’re not so different after all and they bond, which is nice for Robert.”

Not for long, though…
“After their heart to heart Liv changes her mind about getting Robert into trouble and tries to get hold of Ryan, but it looks as if she is going to be too late. For Robert, the repercussions could be life changing. He’s fuming as she has put him in a terrible situation and now he is facing a future he doesn’t think he can handle.”

Then Liv runs away, right?
“Yes. Robert goes to look for her and hopes Aaron won’t realise she has gone missing. He searches the village and hears from Noah [Jack Downham] that she has packed her bags and left the house…”

Has Robert gone soft on us?
“No, he’ll always have that dark side, but he’s in a better place than he has been for a while. It’s nice to be good for once as I don’t get so many people telling me how horrible I am!”

Emmerdale, ITV


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