Emmerdale’s Sammy Winward is hoping Katie gets a happy ending with Andy this time…

Katie Addyman and Andy Sugden started out as the Romeo and Juliet of Emmerdale 13 years ago. Despite objections from their families, young love would not be denied. Although their subsequent marriage ended in divorce, the childhood sweethearts, played by Sammy Winward and Kelvin Fletcher, still turn to each other in times of need.

Andy supported Katie last year when her marriage to second husband Declan Macey (Jason Merrells) turned into a nightmare. And now her fling with Adam Barton (Adam Thomas) has also ended, Katie is soon seeking comfort from Andy.

But he proves to be more than just a shoulder to cry on – they lock lips in a move that surprises them both. Sammy, 28, tells the Daily Express she hopes Katie and Andy will finally have their happy ending…

So how do Andy and Katie end up kissing?
“Andy’s left with an injured arm after an horrific accident at work, caused by Adam. When he visits Katie, he collapses because of the pain and she takes him to the hospital. When they get back, they have a hug, which turns into a kiss.”

How do they react?
“They quite quickly go, ‘Oh my God, what was that? I’m so sorry!’. Then, as they walk away from each other, they realise Andy’s girlfriend, Bernice [Samantha Giles], is watching, which is awful.”

So they’re surprised by the kiss?
“I think it shocks them both. They’re always going to have feelings for each other because they’ve known each other so long and they always end up going back to each other.”

Is Andy Katie’s soulmate?
“They know each other so well and have been there for each other. Maybe there’s a bit of her that wants to be with Andy because it’s comfortable and easy, but it may not be such a bad thing. Always choosing the bad boy or someone who isn’t great might be fun, but Katie’s been there and done that – 75 times!”

Do you despair of her choice of men?
“Her choice of men is awful. But I’m really hoping this time Andy and Katie can make it work. That would be really lovely because there’s no point in getting back together unless it works out. I’m hoping that this time there will be a happy ending.”

What’s it like kissing Kelvin again?
“It’s always easier to do those kinds of scenes if you know the other actor very well. If it’s someone you’ve only just met, it can be awkward. It makes you go red and then you’re worried that they think you fancy them because you’ve gone red and so you go even redder. But Kelvin and I have known each other forever. We did our first screen test together back in 2001, although he doesn’t remember me from it – I’m still furious about that 13 years later!”

You had your nine-year-old daughter Mia [with her ex, footballer David Dunn] when you were just 19. Was it difficult, looking back?
“I’ve never struggled with it, really, because my family are very supportive. My mum has always been there to look after Mia, so I’ve never had childcare issues and Mia’s very independent and feisty, so she’s fine. I sometimes feel bad when I have to do long hours, but she says, ‘Mum, don’t even worry about it’. We’re like best mates.”

Why do you never talk about boyfriends publicly?
“It’s just one of those things that I like to keep to myself. I’d rather not be in the papers every other day with them going, ‘She’s with this guy’ or ‘Look at her wardrobe malfunction’. I’d rather not have that kind of profile.”

Do you hang out with your Emmerdale cast mates?
“All the time. If I’m working late, I’ll stay over in Leeds and that’s my chance to go out for dinner and drinks with the girls. I’m going to Ibiza for a weekend soon with Laura Norton [Kerry Wyatt], Isabel Hodgins [Victoria Sugden], Jamie Shelton [Robbie Lawson] and Natalie J. Robb [Moira Dingle] and I can’t wait – I will need another break after that holiday.”

You’ve played Katie for 13 years. How do you keep it fresh?
“I love it, mainly because I always get to do something new every week as Katie, and the people at Emmerdale are just brilliant. We have so much fun. There’s no hierarchy about who’s been here the longest. I think if anyone had a diva-ish attitude, they’d be out.”

Emmerdale, ITV, Monday, July 14, 7.00pm.

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