Emmerdale’s Steve Halliwell reveals to Soaplife how Zak finds out his daughter Belle is a killer – and what he does to help her.

Does Zak suspect something’s up with Belle?

“He knows that Belle and Lisa are keeping something from him. He just doesn’t know what it is and doesn’t connect it with the terrible accident that’s happened to Gemma.”

Why does Zak invite Dom around for tea?

“Because he is a grieving father. Zak has lost two sons [Ben and Butch] and he wants to be a shoulder for Dom to cry on.”

But Lisa doesn’t want Dom there…

“Zak thinks it’s to protect Belle because she’s grieving over the death of her best friend.”

Then Lisa quits her job. What does Zak make of that?

“He’s shocked and not happy about it. They were managing all right with the two of them working. Zak’s not sure that Lisa mollycoddling Belle is going to be of any benefit.”

Zak tackles Belle when she freaks out after Gemma’s funeral, doesn’t he?

“Yes and Belle tells Zak that she pushed Gemma, that Gemma banged her head and that’s what caused her death. Zak tells Belle that he almost killed Cain, so he understands how she feels. But Belle says that it’s not the same because Zak was able to talk to Cain and Belle can’t say sorry to Gemma.”

Why does Zak take Belle to the police station?

“At first he doesn’t want to. But after listening to Belle, Zak agrees that perhaps Belle will have to tell the police, to get over her guilt. He doesn’t for a minute think she’ll be charged because it was an accident.”

What happens next?

“Lisa is furious and tells Zak that she will never forgive him if Belle is charged.”