Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth: ‘Marlon’s freaked out when Donna reveals they have a daughter!’

Emmerdale’s Verity Rushworth tells Soaplife all about Donna’s return – with Marlon’s four-year-old daughter, April!

Where has Donna been for five years?
“She transferred to Essex police. She has probably been on The Only Way Is Essex a few times in the nightclubs. She was pregnant when she left and now that daughter is four and a half. Donna’s relationship with Ross – the man she cheated on Marlon with – is over and she’s been working as a single mum. That’s been a struggle.”

Why didn’t she tell Marlon about April?
“They said some hateful things to each other after her affair and she was scared. The longer the lie went on, the harder it became to tell him. It was only when April started asking after her daddy that Donna thought it was time to tell her about him. She wants April to have a dad, a family network and somewhere nice to grow up.”

And what does Marlon think about the daughter he didn’t know he has?
“He’s freaked out, but she is hoping he’ll come round. But he is really really upset and angry and says he wants nothing to do with April. Donna didn’t know about Laurel and had no idea how much trouble her news was going to cause Marlon.”

How does Donna feel about Marlon being engaged to Laurel?
“I think girls are always happy when an ex has moved on, but part of you is like, ‘He’s moved on? I kind of wanted him to be hung up on me’. Donna has to swallow her pride because she knows she caused him a lot of grief when she left.”

What does Donna think about April having a half-brother, Leo?
“It’s more about what Rhona thinks. She is really eager for Leo to bond with April because she wants him to have a sister. Someone who will be there for him. Rhona and Donna bond straight away and you can see Marlon scowling at them. He’s very suspicious.”

How does Bob react to Donna’s return?
“He is pleased to see her, although the house is a bit crowded with Rodney, the twins, Brenda, Donna and April. Bob tells her she should have told him about April, but it only takes a day for him to say he will be there for her.”

How long are you and Donna going to be around?
“I am at Emmerdale for five months and it is going to be dramatic.”


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