Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry on romance with Pierce: ‘I’m in the ‘go for it, Rhona’ camp!’

Emmerdale’s Rhona Goskirk hasn’t exactly been crying into her pillow since Paddy went to Germany. Instead, she seems to be moving on… to Pierce! Soaplife asks Zoe Henry what’s going on…

So, is Rhona’s marriage over?
“She’s sure it is, but she loves Paddy [Dominic Brunt] and never wanted it to be over. However, she’s confident there is no going back.”

What is going on between Rhona and Pierce?
“There is a closeness there. She fancies him and wants to kiss him, but she is scared, too. They click and they make each other laugh – they are finding a certain amount of grim comedy in their situation. Nobody else around them understands what they have been through. Also, I don’t think Rhona likes being at the cottage on her own with Leo and having Pierce [Jonathan Wrather] there helps.”

How close does she come to kissing Pierce?
“Quite close. She wants to kiss him, but is scared. It confuses her so she runs away. Her husband has just left her and it feels totally wrong.”

What does she think when she hears Pierce tear into Vanessa?
“She feels like an idiot. It turns out that Pierce has wheedled his way into Rakesh’s law firm and taken his job, he has stolen Vanessa’s phone and he has stepped into Paddy’s shoes. When Vanessa spells it out, it is a bit stark and a bit scary and Rhona feels a bit of a fool.”

What does she do?
“She gets cross with Pierce and tells him he has to go and that she wishes him well.”

But then she invites him back…
“He breaks down. Rhona sees this desperate man who doesn’t know what has happened to his life – he has lost his job, his wife and his marriage and nothing feels real.”

Why does he move out of the cottage?
“He tells her he has fallen for her and it’s a massive shock as he’s saying what she has kind of been thinking, but not allowed herself to admit. She’s alarmed by the depth of her feelings for him.”

What do you think she should do?
“We’ve had chats on set… The men say Rhona is a free spirit and should go for it, but the women say it’s too soon. I’m in the ‘go for it, Rhona’ camp.”

Emmerdale,  ITV


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