Emmerdale’s Zoe: ‘Rhona knows rehab is her last chance’

Emmerdale’s Zoe Henry reveals that Rhona goes to rehab, determined not to lose everything… But it looks like she’s already lost Paddy.

Why does Paddy move out?
“He catches Rhona with pills. She tells him that she wasn’t going to take them, that they’re a security blanket. Paddy sees that she hasn’t taken any because they haven’t been touched, but he knows that if he hadn’t caught her, she might take one or two just to get herself through.” 

And that’s it? Marriage over?
“Paddy tells Rhona that their marriage is not working and moves out. Paddy realises that he can’t trust Rhona and trust is a big thing in any marriage. He feels let down that Rhona has bought pills.”

Paddy cries on Chas’s shoulder. How does Rhona feel about that?
“She’s hurt, but she hasn’t got a leg to stand on considering the lies she’s told. I don’t think she believes anything is going on, but it’s an uncomfortable feeling. She’s so lost and insecure at the moment…”

So why does she finally go into rehab?
“Paddy won’t talk to her and come home and she realises that she’ll have to do something drastic to get her life back. She tells Pearl that she has to get properly clean or risk losing her son, her marriage, her dignity and her friendship with Vanessa. Rehab is the one last thing that might help her.”

Who’ll hold her hand through this?
“The reality is, she has to do this on her own, she has no choice.”

What happens when she goes to tell Paddy she’s going to rehab?
“She tries to see him, but he won’t talk to her, so she tells Chas that she’s going away. She really wants to say goodbye to Paddy because she has no idea how long it will take her to beat this habit.”

Will their marriage survive?
“I hope so! I think the characters work well together. Rhona wants to save the marriage, but I’m not sure that Paddy does. From what I hear, viewers are desperate for them to stay together and that’s nice for us to hear because it means that something is working.”


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