Emmerdale’s Zoe: ‘Rhona’s blinded by her need for drugs’

Zoe Henry reveals to Soaplife that Rhona goes on the rob for pills in Emmerdale – and doesn’t care who gets hurt as long as she gets her fix…

Rhona’s desperation escalates when her online order doesn’t arrive – and she drags Laurel on a drugs hunt, right?
“Rhona has a flat tyre so she makes out she needs to buy teething gel for Leo and Laurel offers to drive them. They go to three chemists with Rhona telling Laurel they don’t have the stuff she needs. Eventually they go to a rough part of town and Rhona takes ages to come out of the chemist’s because she is trying to get the drugs into her system. When she finally emerges, Laurel and Leo are sitting on the side of the road and the car has gone.”

What’s happened?
“They’ve been car-jacked and if Laurel hadn’t bundled Leo out of the car, goodness knows what would have happened. Rhona has endangered her friend and her son! But she is so far into her addiction, she’s not thinking rationally.”

You’re not kidding! The next thing she does is rob her own surgery…
“Rhona reaches a point where the withdrawal is so bad, she is blinded by her need for drugs and that takes over. She smashes the medical cabinet to make it look like a robbery.”

Then she panics when Paddy calls the police…
“Yes. What if they see that it is a dodgy job she has done herself?”

Vanessa sees exactly that, doesn’t she?
“Vanessa finds Rhona’s stash of pills and is shocked at the extent of her addiction and lies. They argue and Rhona gets angry, then apologises. Vanessa begs Rhona to admit her addiction to Paddy, but Rhona pleads with her, telling her she loves her. She’s become quite manipulative.”

Does Rhona realise that Vanessa has feelings for her?
“Rhona doesn’t see that one coming at all. They have been friends for 20 years and went to uni together, why would she think that? But Rhona isn’t thinking about Vanessa – she is being vile and taking advantage to get what she wants.”

Where does Rhona go from here?
“It gets so much worse…”