Flashback scenes reveal who pushed Emma Barton to her death - don't read on if you don't want to know who her killer is!

Two months after nurse Emma Barton was murdered in Emmerdale, her killer has finally been revealed…and it’s Moira!

Flashback scenes in the second of tonight’s double bill showed the farmer push her sister in law off the viaduct when Emma taunted her about drug addict Holly’s death, and suggested she didn’t do enough to save her daughter.

Earlier in the episode, a vengeful Ross Barton was seen driving his mother to the murder spot and ordering her to commit suicide – something devout Christian Emma insisted she couldn’t do, as it would be a sin.

Moira Emmerdale

As he then left the scene, Moira fled from the hospital to search for baby son, Isaac, whom Emma had abducted, and spotted Emma on the bridge. Having discovered that Isaac had been found safe and well, she tried to talk Emma down, and it seemed the farmer had been successful. But in a dramatic twist, Emma then goaded Moira into pushing her, and gave a wry smile as she fell to her death, knowing she had scored a twisted victory against her nemesis.

Moira confessed her crime to Cain Dingle, who discovered his ex wife with sleeping pills and suspected her agitated state was due to more than just the stress of motherhood. But can the pair keep the secret to themselves?  Or with Moira’s son Adam still in the frame, will Moira be forced to speak out?

Emmerdale continues on Friday on ITV at 7.00pm.