Check out all these dramatic goings-on in the Dales…

Emmerdale Spring Storylines revealed! Here’s seven sensational plots that’ll have you glued to the box…

1. Aaron in danger

Now that Aaron and Robert are back together and living in a bubble of love, it’s time that something happened to threaten their happiness. Thankfully, we can confirm that neither will be lying or cheating – yet – but, on the downside, we can reveal that trouble is on its way to the smitten pair’s front door.

The sinister character set to turn their lives upside down is a figure from the past – but who is he or she, and what do they want?

2. Charity’s past revealed

There are plenty of words to describe Charity Dingle – ballsy, blunt and self-serving being three of the politer terms – but is there more to the village vixen than meets the eye? This Spring, we’re promised that the Woolpack part-owner will reveal a dark secret to lover Vanessa, which will make us look at Charity in a new light.

Emmerdale bosses say the storyline will give viewers an insight into what has made Charity the woman she is today. Question is, will her revelation bring her and Vanessa closer together, or tear them apart?

Teases actress Emma Atkins, who plays Charity: “I think life and personalities are layered, and someone who comes across like a bitch always has another side to them. It’s interesting to explore the rich dynamics of Charity’s personality, because no-one’s just a bitch and no-one’s always nice.”

3. Will Laurel rumble Brenda’s discovery?

Rumbled? Laurel is terrified that Brenda knows about her and Bob's affair

Laurel Thomas can’t keep her hands off Bob Hope and, as we head into Spring, the pair will meet up for passionate liaisons behind his fiancé Brenda’s back. Laurel believes that she and Bob have been careful enough to keep their relationship under wraps. Little does she realise that Brenda is onto them…

The café worker keeps quiet about her discovery – she’s desperate not to lose Bob, and reckons that by not rocking the boat, they’ll still make it up the aisle. “This is a double betrayal for Brenda,” actress Lesley Dunlop tells us, “but she desperately wants to be with Bob. She said to Kerry a while back: ‘He’s mine; I love him!’”

Brenda isn’t prepared to roll over and play the victim, however, and over the coming weeks, she decides to have some fun at Laurel’s expense – quite literally, on one occasion. As she plays with fire, will Laurel work out that her and Bob’s affair isn’t a secret afterall?

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4. Difficult times for Chas

 Life is rarely plain-sailing for Chas Dingle – Charity almost lost her the pub last year, and she’s constantly fretting about son Aaron. Even her recent birthday celebrations proved turned sour when, mere hours after Paddy revealed he’d booked them a month-long holiday to Mexico, she was faced with a shock pregnancy.

As we head into Spring, we’re told that the Woolpack landlady will have more troubles coming her way. Could her relationship with Paddy hit the buffers? He insisted she was “the one” when Chas questioned his feelings for ex wife, Rhona, but there was definitely a look of panic in the vet’s eye.

What challenges lie ahead?

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5. Ross at rock bottom

Emmerdale’s Michael Parr on Ross Barton’s traumatic attack: ‘the hardest emotion to play is feeling alone’

Ross Barton has become a shadow of his former self since the deplorable acid attack carried out by drug dealer, Simon. Gone is the arrogant love rat who’d chat up anything in a skirt, and in his place is a frightened young man who doesn’t want to leave the house.

The car mechanic’s mental health will continue to decline over the coming weeks, and things aren’t helped by a trip out to the Woolpack. Pete thinks a few beers at their local will be just the tonic his brother needs, but any scraps of confidence that Ross had left are completely shattered when he becomes the victim of a cruel joke.

“Ross’s injury has turned everything upside down,” says actor Michael Parr. “It has scarred his relationships, his personality and his confidence. All it takes is for just one person to say something to bring him back to zero.”

Can Pete find a way to help Ross realise his future is worth living?

6. Divorce for the Metcalfes?

Tracy and David are on the rocks as David struggles to deal with her past

Tracy and David’s marriage has had had more ups and downs than your average zip, and there’s another “down” on the way when Phil – the handyman who tried to blackmail Tracy into having sex with him – appears in court. Trace feels triumphant for having taken on the bully, but David feels embarrassed and ashamed as the case hits the Hotten Courier, prompting his miffed missus to walk out.

In future episodes, young Jake makes it his mission to get the couple back together, and flies into action when David threatens to make the situation worse by giving bed and board to his ex girlfriend, Priya. But all the while, a secret is brewing. David still hasn’t told Tracy that he spent the night with Leyla before she moved to Greece. Will she find out about his infidelity?

7. Dark days for Liv

Back in the Autumn, show boss Iain MacLeod told us he was lining up a huge storyline for Aaron’s kid sister, Liv. That story is almost upon us, and will see the troubled teen venture down a very dark path.

It all stems from a “prank” with best mate Gabby that spirals out of control and lands the teenager in serious trouble. With her future looking bleak, Liv turns to drink to blot out her pain.

Reveals Iain: “Isobel Steele – who plays Liv – is super talented and a rare find, and we will be exploring the limits of her acting talents to the extreme.

“Her storyline is going to be quite big and dark in places, but I have no doubt that she will smash it.”

Emmerdale Spring Storylines – here’s a few more little clues to what’s coming up…

What’s Graham’s secret?

He leaves a village resident shocked when he opens up about his tragic past. Just what is the truth behind Joe Tate’s right-hand man?

Rampant Rodney

Rodney gets himself a hot new lover, half his age. But Rodders’ raging sex life leaves son-in-law Jimmy feeling like a flop.

Jessie’s the girl

Marlon continues to set his sights on wooing April’s head teacher, Jessie, but his efforts to impress her backfire. Has he blown his chance of romance?

Will Rebecca remember?

Lachlan panics when he discovers that Rebecca is seeing a hypnotherapist. Will his aunt remember what really happened on the day of the Whites’ car crash?

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