Emmerdale’s Charlotte Bellamy reveals Laurel is devastated when Ashley chooses Sally over her…

Is Laurel upset when she comes home from hospital and finds Sally’s still there??

“She doesn’t like it one bit. There’s Ashley, Sally and the children playing happy families. Laurel feels pushed out…”

Laurel tells Sally it’s time she moved on. How does Sally react?

“She’s seething. And Ashley‘s not happy with Laurel when he finds out either.”

Why does Ashley keep supporting Sally?

“Ashley enjoys all the attention she gives him. He thinks Laurel’s suffering some kind of post-trauma stress and her behaviour is getting so erratic that’s not hard to believe.”

The church fire report sets alarm bells ringing for Laurel… What does it reveal?

“It says the heater was too close to the vestry curtain and it started the fire. Laurel realises Sally must have moved the heater and locked the door, leaving her trapped.”

How does she feel about it?

“She’s really shocked and can’t believe Sally – anyone – would want her dead. I mean, you don’t do you?”

She must be terrified when Sally vanishes with baby Arthur?

“Nicola urges her to call the police. But just as Laurel’s explaining how Sally tried to kill her, Sally walks in with Arthur and Ashley. Laurel ends up the one who looks mad.”

Sally gets Laurel alone. What happens?

“It’s very chilling and Laurel’s left in no doubt at all just how dangerous Sally is.”

But Ashley’s more fooled than ever and wants Laurel to see a counsellor. Why?

“It’s Sally’s doing. She makes him believe Laurel’s mentally ill.”

Laurel’s forced to give Ashley a ‘her or me’ ultimatum – does it work?

“Laurel goes to stay with Nicola and tells Ashley she won’t be back unless Sally
goes. Next day he says Sally’s moved out and Laurel’s so relieved… until she discovers Sally’s only gone as far as Edna’s. That’s when everything goes crazy. Laurel can’t take anymore. She takes the children and goes to her mum’s.”

Do you think this could be the end for Laurel and Ashley?

“I’ll be back after my maternity leave but after Laurel leaves the storyline becomes about Sally and Ashley and you’ll see him start to lose it himself… It’s very exciting.”

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