Emmerdale star Danny: Aaron can’t admit he’s gay

Emmerdale’s Danny Miller tells us why Aaron can’t admit he’s gay – not even to himself…

Aaron’s worst fears are coming true with Adam spreading it around that he’s gay. How is Aaron coping?

“He’s so upset. He can’t even admit it to himself he could be gay. He wants to convince everyone, including himself, that he’s not. This is why he comes over all ‘tough guy’. He obviously doesn’t realise your sexuality has nothing to do with being tough or masculine.”

Adam gave him an ultimatum – break up with Holly and he’ll say he got it wrong. Why didn’t Aaron go along with that?

“Aaron sees Holly as his way to convince people he’s definitely not gay. After Adam’s threat he invites her over to his claiming Paddy’s going out and makes sure Adam overhears him. Later he acts all surprised when Paddy walks in just as he and Holly are getting intimate on the sofa.”

Is he using Holly or does he fancy her?

“He does genuinely like Holly but he’s sexually confused and constantly questioning himself ‘Am I gay? Am I not gay? Do I want Holly? Or Adam?’ It’s a love triangle in the most confusing sense for Aaron. He wants to convince everyone, including himself, he isn’t gay.”

Adam told Holly about Aaron trying to kiss him. Is she at all wary?

“Not at all. She didn’t believe Adam. In fact his dad tells him to stop causing trouble and Adam begrudgingly apologises to Holly and agrees to leave her and Aaron alone. But he’s not convinced Aaron is straight.”

Is there anyone Aaron can confide in? Paddy for instance?

“Not while he’s in denial like this. If he can’t admit it to himself, how can he talk about it with anyone else? Aaron feels he has to keep it all in and fight this emotional battle himself, even though Paddy realises that something’s troubling him.”

How would the Dingles react if they found out he was gay?

“I think that everyone, bar Cain, would welcome him with open arms and sincere understanding. But Aaron can’t bear the thought of all that kind of pandering and attention. He doesn’t want that attention so he feels like he has to keep it in and fight the emotional battle alone.”

How did you feel when you found out about this storyline, Danny?

“Obviously I don’t have any problems with homosexuality but from a straight lad’s point of view I was scared to what extent they’d want me to do it. But after the producer explained it I could see it’s a brilliant challenge and it’s a brilliant storyline. It’s a big responsibility and I’m very, very thankful for it.”

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