Louise Marwood - pictured in a behind the scenes shot with co-star Emily Head, who plays Rebecca - revealed she loved delivering killer lines as Chrissie

Louise Marwood has declared it was “really fun dying” after her character Chrissie White bowed out in spectacular fashion in tonight’s Emmerdale when she was killed in a horrific car crash.

The 38-year-old actress praised the soap’s writers for the dramatic storyline which saw Chrissie, Lachlan, Lawrence and Rebecca in a car chase with Robert, who’d snatched his baby son Seb. As they sped through the country lanes, Lachlan turned on his mum – who was about to emigrate to Australia and wanted Lucky to go with the family – for ruining his relationship with Belle. Hellbent on destruction, Lachlan grabbed hold of Chrissie’s steering wheel, intentionally pulling the car in to the path of an oncoming lorry…

“It was really fun dying – which is a really weird thing to say! But it was and it was written really well. There was a lot of care taken to end the relationship with me and my son [Lachlan], without being too sentimental – it was done in a really lovely way,” said Louise of her last scenes.

Behind the scenes crash Emmerdale

Louise loved her car crash scenes

Reflecting on her time on Emmerdale, Louise said she had a great time delivering killer lines as Chrissie.

“I loved being a b****, that was really fun. I got to say some awful things to people and it’s a really fun release to say things that I’d never say in real life to anybody. I really enjoyed it and they thoroughly enjoyed writing it.”

Louise was clearly sad to be leaving the soap, commenting: “It’s amazing team of people, I’ve never met anyone like them in my life and I may not again. That’s incredibly sad.”

Emmerdale car crash Chrissie

Chrissie’s tragic final moments…

But she added that she felt that the time was right to go and that she was looking forward to winning new parts.

Asked what’s next, she said: “I am going back to London and who knows. It’s that thing of going to auditions. It was time to leave because three years I think is a good stint to do… my life’s in London, so it was time to go. It’s a hell of a gamble because you don’t know what’s next, but that excites me though.”