Emmerdale’s Dominic Power says his character Cameron Murray will finally return to the village – and propose to his lover Chas Dingle. Cameron escaped to Jersey after he first killed Chas’s ex-boyfriend Carl King and then kidnapped and murdered Alex Moss just before Christmas. Dominic said his character plans to remain in Emmerdale village for quite some time to make sure no one finds Alex’s body, which he has buried in the woods – and to make sure Chas does not leave without him, he decides to propose. He said: “Even before he went, Chas was unsure about staying in the village in the current climate, so he knows he’s got to do everything he can to try and keep her there. “He definitely needs to hang about, if only to make sure no one touches that grave.” Dominic also revealed that Chas does not reply to his proposal straight away as she is still unsure about their relationship, but when he asks her again the next day she says yes. Asked about how confident Cameron feels that he got away with killing Alex, Dominic said: “He’s living day to day. He’s been spinning plates for months now. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to last.” He also hinted at the possibility that Cameron might turn into a serial killer, saying: “If he can do it once and he can do it twice, who’s to say he can’t do it a third time?”