Emmerdale star ‘surprised’ at 7pm horror scenes

Emmerdale’s Dominic Power has confessed he was surprised scenes where he digs up a decaying body could be screened pre-watershed.

The actor who plays murderer Cameron Murray will be shown digging up the body of his victim, Alex Moss, on Thursday and he talked to the Radio Times about the gruesome scenes being shown in Emmerdale’s early evening time slot.

He said: “I’m surprised it can go out at seven o’clock, to be honest. But the kids seem to be desensitised nowadays, don’t they?”

Dominic admitted he found the scenes for ITV’s Emmerdale tough to work on. He confessed: “I don’t think I’ll ever do a more gruelling acting gig in my life.”

“If you do a one-off drama or a film, your shooting time is between three to six weeks. Here, I’ve had nine months of this constant outpouring of emotion. So it’s been tiring.”

The actor described what it was like to play the gruesome scene where he unearths his murder victim in the woods as the land is due to be developed.

He revealed: “They’d filled this tarpaulin with cement and I’m dragging it and gagging and coughing up sick because of the smell of putrefaction.”

But Dominic stayed tight-lipped on who his next victim in Emmerdale would be, saying only: “I’m sworn to secrecy.”


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