Emmerdale’s Emma Atkins & Jeff Hordley unwrap Emmerdale’s HUGE Christmas story…

Cain comes back for Christmas and finds Charity still around. Does it all kick off?

Emma: “He’s furious. Charity tries to tell him she’s stayed to prove she doesn’t
want his money, that she really is in love with him. But he doesn’t want to know.”

Jeff: “Cain’s incredulous. He gave the money to Charity so he’d never have to have anything to do with her again.”

How do they end up at the same Christmas dinner table then?

Emma: “Debbie arranges Christmas Day at the Dingles’ and makes her mum and dad promise they’ll behave.”

Jeff: “Cain’s willing to bite a huge chunk out of his lip to keep Debbie happy.”

And do they behave?

Jeff: “Of course not. Cain tries to keep his mouth shut but he just can’t help himself.”

Emma: “It’s Cain’s fault. He goes mad when Charity splashes beer on his shirt. Charity’s annoyed at his reaction over something so trivial… and Debbie storms out.”

But she gets her revenge with Christmas bells on when she burns the money…

Emma: “Charity and Cain are speechless when they see what she’s doing outside.”

Jeff: “They both scrabble around for the notes but it’s hopeless. Cain’s in despair.”

Why does Debbie do it?

Emma: “She wants to rid her family of the major source behind all their unhappiness. The money’s been the cause of nearly all the arguments, resentment and bitterness.”

Jeff: “Debbie’s got even with her parents for ruining Christmas – and a lot of her life.”

And it has an instant effect on Charity who proposes to Cain… Where does that come from?

Emma: “From an uncalculated, bizarre, hysterical afternoon where Charity and Cain are suddenly faced with the idea of a penniless future together. It’s not exactly traditional and certainly not planned.”

Jeff: “Cain’s in shock. He says he needs to think about it but that’s in more of a playful way rather than seriously sizing it up.”

So what can we expect from Cain and Charity as Mr & Mrs?

Emma: “They’re still going to be volatile with each other but that’s the true dynamic of Cain and Charity.”

Jeff: “It’s brilliant the writers are finally honouring Cain and Charity’s relationship. It’ll be great seeing them live together.”

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