Charley Webb has admitted she struggled with the underwater training for Emmerdale‘s explosive hostage scenes.

This week, viewers will see serial killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power) take the locals hostage in The Woolpack during some of the worst weather the village has seen, flooding the cellar of the pub. Many of the scenes were filmed in Pinewood Studios where the stars were trained by an underwater stunts expert.

Charley, who plays Debbie Dingle, confessed: “I really struggled with my training. I literally could not do it, and Lucy [who plays Chas Dingle] went through so much of it with me and I still couldn’t do it.

“I was thinking I’m not going to be able to do it, it’s going to be awful, I’m going to have to get the stunt people to do it for me – which would’ve been awful because I wanted to do it myself.

“We got there on the day, first day passed, second day, third day and I’d still not had to use this diving training I’d had. By the end of the week I still hadn’t used it so all those sleepless nights were pointless because all I needed to do was hold my breath!”

But co-star Wil Johnson said that despite the tiring, long hours the cast and crew put in for the dramatic scenes, nobody complained.

Wil, who plays Dom Andrews, filmed alongside his Emmerdale co-stars for three days in the driving rain, and spent 22 days filming four episodes, as well as being involved in long night shoots.

But he explained: “There’s no point [complaining] because you’re working with something that’s real and visceral so it just adds to your acting. It just makes it more intense, it makes it more immediate.

“When the rain machine switches on – and it’s a more intense rain because it’s got to read on camera – you really are being lashed. So that gives you something to work against, and it is cold, it’s freezing cold at night, and then you’ve got cold water on top of you, so you’re actually battling against real elements.

“It’s not ‘Let’s act cold, I AM cold!’ – and that adds to it.”