Emmerdale stars Jeff Hordley and Natalie J Robb have backed their show’s siege episodes for recognition at this year’s British Soap Awards.

Jeff and Natalie play engaged couple Cain Dingle and Moira Barton in the ITV soap and revealed that they would love to see the Yorkshire-based series win an award for its recent exciting storylines, including a siege staged at The Woolpack by serial killer Cameron Murray (Dominic Power).

Jeff said: “We’ve done some great storylines recently, I think the HIV storyline that we’ve done, the storyline that we did last year with the painkiller addiction…

“The Cameron and Debbie (Dingle, played by Charlie Webb) and Chas (Dingle, played by Lucy Pargeter) siege was just everything a soap should be put into those two episodes.

“Particularly for that episode alone, I think we deserve to win some awards this year… I think it deserves it.”

Natalie agreed that the siege had been her favourite recent storyline: “I enjoyed the siege because I liked how a lot of the cast were involved in it from the start, and then it went into that from the floods and everything.

“So I was involved with it a bit, but when you saw it all pieced together and how it affected everybody in the village, I really loved that.”

Jeff added that there was always excitement in the air at Emmerdale when a big storyline was coming up.

He said: “You can sense there’s a buzz around the place when there’s good episodes to come, particularly when episodes air as well, and they’re thrilling and exciting to watch, which I think the siege episode was.

“So when you’ve got a producer and story team writing these great stories and the actors are firing and everything’s good, there’s a great buzz around the building and I think for the last couple of years around Emmerdale there’s been a great buzz around the team, and we’re having a great time telling stories.”


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