Maya Stepney plans to SLEEP with pupil Jacob tonight in Emmerdale – will she be thwarted?

Maya leads Jacob to the bedroom...

Twisted teacher Maya Stepney takes schoolboy Jacob Gallagher to his bedroom tonight in Emmerdale as she plans to sleep with the teen.

With Jacob about to turn 16, Maya decides it’s time to take her obsession with the young lad to the next level.

Jacob is nervous and excited in Emmerdale when he heads to the bedroom with Maya in Emmerdale

Jacob is struck by nerves in this evening’s Emmerdale, as Maya takes him to his bedroom in the latest twist in the long-running plot

The predator schemes to get Jacob (played by Joe Warren Plant) on his own and suggests that they take his “study session” somewhere private – his bedroom!

“Maya is insecure,” says Louisa Clein, who plays her. “People who behave like this are single-minded and have no sense of how it’s going to affect everybody else. This is only about what she needs and what she wants.”

As the pair head upstairs, Jacob is soon struck by nerves and doubts. What is he about to do with his teacher?

When they enter Jacob’s room, Maya is suddenly put off by all the young teen stuff in his room. So, she makes her excuses and leaves the room…

However, she’s far from being totally put off and in Thursday’s Emmerdale Maya continues her mission to bed Jacob as he celebrates his 16th birthday.

Maya suggest they meet up in the summerhouse and Jacob does his best to make the place look “romantic.”

But their plan appears to be thwarted when Liv (Isobel Steele) suddenly turns up! Jacob then pretends all his preparations are for her! Meanwhile, Maya peers in from outside and is filled with jealously when she sees Jacob and Liv getting close.

Angry Maya sees everything in Emmerdale

Maya spies Liv and Jacob together in the summer house

What will Maya do next? And will she end up sleeping with Jacob? And when will Maya finally get caught?

Emmerdale continues on ITV tonight at 7pm.