Former Emmerdale star Nigel Betts says he still gets recognised in the street – despite leaving the show more than three years ago.

The actor, who played Bob Hope’s burgling brother Eddie, also said when he was a regular fixture in the soap he couldn’t do any shopping because of attention from fans.

He told “I have to say it is amazing how big Emmerdale is nationally and how many people watch it because I left over three years ago and still people will stop me in a pub and recognise me as Eddie.” Nigel is due to return to Emmerdale next week.

He said: “It will all be rekindled soon. I will have to stop going to supermarkets, it will take twice as long to get my shopping done.”

He added: “In his (Eddie) time away he has been quite successful, so from walking off into the sunset with his tights he has become a sales manager. He has actually come back to offer Bob a job.”

Nigel was last seen breaking into the village’s Post Office in a bid to stage a robbery before leaving Emmerdale.

Nigel has had a busy 12 months, with parts in EastEnders, Silent Witness, Casualty and Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps. He has also just finished a film with Catherine Tate called Mrs Ratcliffe’s Revolution, in which he plays Catherine’s brother.