Eric’s been leading David on but when David forces a new paternity test the tables are turned. Matt Wolfenden reveals all!

David finds out Eric had a secret paternity test done and he’s not his dad. How?
He overhears Eric arguing with Val about it. But David plays it very cool and he doesn’t let on he knows.

Why didn’t Pollard disown David after the first test came back negative?
He thought David was trying to scam him and decided to scam him back. He’s been trying to get David to invest the money from his mum in a new business venture.

And of course David never suspected…
No, but Val did. She couldn’t understand why he’d do that to his own son until she finds the DNA test in his briefcase. When she sees it’s negative she realises what Eric’s up to and that’s why they’re rowing when David hears.

What does David do next?
He wants a proper paternity test so he plays Eric at his own game. He knows he’s desperate for David to invest with him so he says he’s worried about going into business in case Eric’s not really his dad. He tells Eric he wants to have a paternity test done.

Does Eric agree?
He doesn’t have a choice, but he can see the business deal slipping away. He plans to fiddle the test but when that fails he tries to emotionally blackmail David. He says if the test results aren’t what they hope for he already feels very fond of David.

And David falls for it?
Totally. He has no idea Eric’s performance is completely insincere and feels terrible about the state Pollard is in.

But what’s the point of a test if the last one was negative?
Because David’s sure Eric’s his father. He’s never doubted it.

But a DNA test can’t be wrong…
It turns out the one Eric had done was wrong! If you remember Eric used a hair he took off David’s jacket to do the test. Well, the hair obviously wasn’t one of David’s because the second test comes back positive. Eric most certainly is his dad.

And David’s pleased about this?
Really pleased. David knows what Eric’s like and he’s aware his dad’s been trying to trick him out of his inheritance, but he’s delighted to have it officially confirmed he and Eric are really father and son.

How does Eric react?
He’s gob-smacked at first. But as it sinks in he actually starts to have a conscience about his plans to rip off David. And he confesses to David he could have been kinder to his mother. He even talks of their future together as Pollard and Son.

So David is all he seems then?
Well, we still don’t know that much about him yet. And there’s always the chance he’s going to prove to be much more like his father than we think!