Emmerdale’s Aaron is caught in a love trap!

Emmerdale‘s Danny Miller reveals to Soaplife that although Aaron loves Jackson he may not be able to love him enough…

When Aaron nearly lost Jackson for ever in that horrific accident he realised just how much Jackson meant to him. “The fallout of the accident made Aaron realise what love is,” says Danny.

But how long before his love turns into a love trap?

“It’s difficult. Aaron’s there for Jackson – just like he promised he would be – but he’s only a young lad and he’s having a few problems getting the balance right. He’s committed to Jackson, but he still needs to have a life of his own.”

Does he have any regrets about getting back with Jackson?

“I don’t think so. He genuinely does love Jackson. In his darker moments, deep down he’s still feeling guilty about the accident. But it’s important he stays positive – both for Jackson and himself.”

Jackson worries Aaron is sacrificing his life for him. Does Aaron feel this too?

“It’s a subject he wants to avoid. If Jackson digs, Aaron’s not at all sure where the conversation will go. Jackson tells Aaron he wants him around but he should have a life of his own too. Eventually Aaron says he’ll go out with mates just to keep Jackson quiet.”

We’ve heard Aaron meets a lad called Flynn…

“Adam goes to the gay bar with Aaron and Flynn plays pool with them. Flynn gives Aaron his number.”

Does he fancy Flynn?

“He is attracted to him, but he feels guilty and when Jackson asks him about his night out. Aaron has to decide whether to tell him about Flynn…”

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