Emmerdale’s Adam: ‘It’s every guy’s fantasy’

Emmerdale‘s Adam Thomas warns Soaplife that Adam’s dream come true could turn into a nightmare…

Adam’s got a gorgeous girlfriend and a great job, but he’s on the brink of risking it all by having a dangerous affair with Ella, his girlfriend’s mum and his boss’s wife. “It’s every young lad’s dream to get with an older woman,” Adam tells Soaplife. “But he’s got the consequences to think of.” Doesn’t look like there’s much thinking being done by Adam OR Ella…

What does Adam make of Ella’s obvious seduction?

“She’s a very attractive woman and he’s very flattered that she likes him. He can’t work out what her game is, but he’s just going to see how it goes and what happens next…”

Does Adam fancy her?

“A sexy older woman coming on to a young lad? It’s every guy’s fantasy.”

We know Adam and Ella are going to be lovers… Who will make the big move?

“It will be Ella who makes the move. Adam’s just a kid and when an older woman offers it to him on a plate he can’t resist!”

Will it be an affair or a one-off?

“I don’t know how far things will go, but Ella is looking for more than just a one-off. Adam is undeniably getting off on the excitement of the suspense of it all. But it’s a tricky one and he doesn’t know quite how to play it.”

We wonder if Adam will feel guilty about cheating on Mia?

“Yes, but he’s not thinking with his head… he’s caught up in the moment. Mia would kill him if she found out he was cheating with her mum.”

And what about Declan?

“There’s also Declan to consider, of course. Adam really looks up to him, plus Declan’s his boss. It’s very risky. Adam has a lot to lose. And things will go very pear-shaped for him when a family member finds out…”

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