Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas: ‘Adam and Vanessa regret it straight away’ (VIDEO)

Emmerdale‘s Adam Thomas says his character Adam Barton goes into damage limiatation mode after he and vet Vanessa sleep together on the rebound.

Adam proposes to girlfriend Victoria, who initially accepts, but after a little thought decides against the engagement.

Adam told What’s on TV: “Adam thinks it’s completely over, but it’s not. In his head he thinks it is and he’s gone home… I mean, he doesn’t wait that long to be honest!

“He goes home and Vanessa comes in and she’s going through the same sort of thing with her boyfriend and they get talking and, a few glasses of red wine later, they have a little smooch and one thing leads to another and Adam’s always been a sucker for his older women, like us all, really, and but he couldn’t resist! As soon as it happens he regrets it straight away.”

Adam says there’s no real attraction between the pair, it’s more of an emotional liaison. “As soon as it happens they regret it straight away, both of them,” he said.

But the regret turns to a voicemail confession, which Adam then immediately tries to delete. Can he?

Watch the interview with Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas, above.

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