Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas: ‘Adam feels guilty after sleeping with Vanessa’

Emmerdale Adam’s happiness is on the line after a one-night stand with Vanessa, says Adam Thomas…

How does Adam feel after proposing to Victoria?
“He couldn’t be happier now he’s popped the question and Victoria [Isabel Hodgins] has said ‘Yes’. He’s got Andy’s approval to marry the girl he loves and things couldn’t be better.”

Does he have any idea that Victoria has doubts?
“Not a clue! But when she blurts it out, it all makes sense. He’s embarrassed and upset.”

Why does he confide in Vanessa?
“Vanessa [Michelle Hardwick] is having problems with Kirin [Adam Fielding] and she pops in just as Adam’s found out his girlfriend doesn’t want to marry him. They have a couple of drinks, he thinks there’s nothing to lose and is like ‘Let’s have a go…’”

How are things the next morning between Adam and Vanessa?
“He’s not pleased with himself. It’s not even as if they can use being drunk as an excuse.”

Does he fancy Vanessa?
“I don’t think so. It’s a one-off. Adam’s had his fair share of women and Victoria’s definitely the one for him.”

What happens between him and Victoria?
“He gets a text from her saying the engagement is not off. Adam feels more guilty than ever. He knows she’s a good girl and he’s messed up.”

Will Adam tell Victoria the truth?
“He wants to, but he can’t tell her to her face, so he rings her voicemail and leaves a message. He thinks it’s a good idea at the time…”

What should Adam do to save his relationship?
“He should come clean and tell Victoria the truth. Before it all goes horribly wrong!”


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