Emmerdale’s Adam Thomas: People think Adam needs a slap, not sympathy! (VIDEO)

Emmerdale‘s Adam Thomas thought he’d get sympathy for playing a character who goes off the rails after learning his late father wasn’t his real dad, but instead he’s getting abuse.

Adam plays Adam Barton in the ITV soap, who recently learned his late father John wasn’t his real father – his uncle James is! The revelation has sent him off the rails, contemplating murder, turning to drugs and getting involved in Donna and Ross’s dodgy capers, which climax on Emmerdale on Thursday.

Adam told What’s on TV: “[Adam’s] just reaching out… Maybe he’s doing it in the wrong way, I think he is! But he’s just a lost little kid really. It’s weird, I thought I’d get the sympathy vote, but everyone’s like ‘You need a slap!'”

Adam continued: “I’m sick of going to work and always being a grump, because I like to have a bit of a laugh on set and just enjoy working. I mean, it’s been really good having a storyline like this, to get your teeth into and be able to show off what you can do…”

Watch Adam talk about Adam Barton and the return of his best mate Aaron, above.