Emmerdale’s Amy just wants support, says Chelsea

Emmerdale’s Chelsea Halfpenny has revealed Amy Wyatt has no one to turn to for support when she discovers she is pregnant.

The tearaway teen, who had a one-night stand with bad boy Cain Dingle, is shocked when he turns nasty and is scared to go to her adoptive parents, the Pollards, for fear of letting them down again.

Chelsea revealed to the Emmerdale website: “When Amy found out she was pregnant it was a massive shock and devastation because this is the last thing she wants.

“Her and Val and Eric are just getting close again and she doesn’t want to have to tell them that she’s pregnant, so she’s gutted really.

“At this point Val, Eric and Amy are in a good place. They think that Amy’s all happy and she’s helping out with the housework and the work in the B&B. But they don’t realise it’s because she’s trying to butter them up to explain to them everything that’s happened. So they’re in for a big shock.

“I think Val thinks she’s got a really good relationship with Amy, but Amy obviously knows that there’s some things she needs to tell her.”

Chelsea revealed Amy had been relying on Cain to help her through it.

She said: “She really cared what Cain thought because she needed the support and I think she expected him to act like an adult and take responsibility for what both of them had done and he didn’t.

“The fact that he just says ‘I want you to get rid of it and I don’t care about you or this baby’ and he gets really violent with her. It’s a real shock to the system.”