Tracy fancies the pants off David – and gets him into bed in Emmerdale. But their romance hits the skids very quickly, Amy Walsh tells Soaplife…

What does Tracy like about David?

“They’ve been really good friends for a while and, at first, she thought David [Matthew Wolfenden] was just this good-looking guy who happened to be nice – and this is probably the first time she’s ever met a man like that! I don’t think she realises she was flirting until Leyla [Roxy Shahidi] hinted she fancied him. She thinks she’s punching above her weight with David, though. There’s a lot of front to Tracy. But, deep down, she has feelings for him.”

How do they end up in bed?

“Tracy gets knocked back by David and she’s slagging him off to Finn [Joe Gill] in the B&B when Pollard [Chris Chittell] overhears. He gets angry at Tracy for upsetting David and he explains the reason she got the cold shoulder is because David has cancer. She apologises to David for slating him and he asks her to stay and have a drink, then they snog, get caught up in the moment and it all seems very natural.”

Why does it go wrong?

“The next day, David realises Tracy knew about the cancer and he feels that she slept with him out of sympathy. She explains she fancies the pants off him, but David feels like he’s been lied to and people are gossiping about him. He wants Tracy out of the picture.”

Is she upset?

“Yes. She wants to help him and she asks him not to push her away. She believes there could be something good between them.”

Are they a good match?

“It’s a funny one because she’s the sort who will muck up a bit. She may be full of good intentions, but she sometimes misjudges stuff.”

Would she make a good stepmum to Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant)?

“No, but it would be interesting to watch. She wants to be Jacob’s best friend. Tracy’s desperate to be liked and she really wants to be part of David’s little family.”

Will Tracy feel threatened if Alicia returns?

“Definitely. There was a hint Alicia [Natalie Anderson] would come back and Tracy has this fear that one day they might get back together. However, she doesn’t let it prey on her mind too much.”

Emmerdale, ITV.