Emmerdale’s Bill Ward reveals fans warn him to stay away from Moira

Emmerdale‘s Bill Ward has revealed fans have been telling him to stay away from Moira Barton.

Bill plays farmer James Barton, who has confessed to sister-in-law Moira that he has always been in love with her. But fans like seeing Moira with current love Cain Dingle.

“People keep telling me to keep my hands off Moira!” Bill says.

“But as far as James is concerned, Moira is far too good a woman to be with a man like Cain.

“He’ll accept that Moira doesn’t love him in the end, if he has to – he’s not an idiot. It’s just sad, because as far as he is concerned, she’s the real deal.”

Bill is well known for playing Coronation Street villain Charlie Stubbs between 2003 and 2007. But he revealed fans are starting to recognise him as James now.

He added: “Occasionally viewers still mention Charlie to me. But since James told Moira he loved her and she knocked him back, I’ve had people stopping me more often about Emmerdale.”